Thursday, August 25, 2011

Reason #10: Self-Identifying Gay Couples

In the last decade, the percentage of Census respondents who chose to identify themselves as living with a same-sex partner (not to be confused with the actual percentage of same-sex partners) increased over 50%. It still seems pretty low - only 7.7 on average for every 1000 households - but we're getting there. And from the way things just went in New York, we're mostly getting there legislatively; which means that as much as Congress may be a big heap of shit right now, State Senates and Legislatures are actually doing some nice things.*

Amusingly, for some reason unclear to me, DC's same-sex household rate seems to be leading the pack by a good margin - and increasing more rapidly, as well. Wouldn't it be delightfully ironic if the nation's capital became its new gay Mecca?

* get your shit together, Wisconsin.

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