Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Reason #202: Ends

With today's Texas primary, and its apportioning of 152 delegates, Mitt Romney is expected to officially pass the 1144-delegate finish line in the Republican presidential primary. And so ends what has been easily the most fascinating nomination process I've had the privelege of witnessing (which, granted, only takes us back twelve years or so).

I earn nothing at this point by saying it, but it was clear to me from the outset that this was where we'd end up. I knew that Karl Rove would destroy Sarah Palin if she came anywhere near the nomination, and it's a testament to just how bad a candidate Mitt Romney is that the rotating cluster of idiots that has been running against him for the past year or so ever produced even one alternative front-runner, let alone one after another after another.

So good on you, Mitt. You fought long, you fought hard, and today the nation has finally learned what you no doubt knew all along: you are truly the sharpest knife in the spoon drawer.

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