Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Reason #248: Lady Parts

As my one-year anniversary gets closer and closer, I now have the pleasure of following up on one of my first topics: per entry #7, Obamacare's women's health provision goes into effect today, meaning that up to 47 million women in America now have free access to a wide variety of care and preventative services that they didn't have yesterday. Among these...
  • Annual "well-woman" checkups
  • Contraception, contraceptive counseling, and even sterilization procedures, without even a copay
  • Tri-annual HPV testing, shown to decrease instances of cervical cancer
  • HIV screening and HIV/STI counseling, shown to reduce "risky behavior" in sexually-active young women
  • Breastfeeling support, supplies, and counseling - self-explanatory
  • Domestic violence counseling for both adolescent and adult women
This can be a lot to process all at once, but luckily, Republican Congressman Mike Kelly is here to explain it to us--by pointing out how today is exactly like 9/11. Because if there's one person who loved him some free birth control, it's Osama Bin Laden.

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