Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Reason #123: Veterans for Weed

Though a name change appears to be imminent, "Veterans for Weed" is a thing that exists.

This rules for a few reasons, but what's most interesting is the reason I became aware of thie group at all - the original VFW organization (y'know, Veterans of Foreign Wars) sent them a Cease-and-Desist letter because of their acronym.

Proving to be as laid back as the stereotype suggests, the group didn't put up a fight, and quickly agreed to change their name. What's surprising is that the group doesn't seem to have attracted much controversy prior to this, except for some people irked at their repurposing of the ancient POW/MIA graphic (above). Since the original graphic isn't copyrighted, though, they declined to change that, saying that they "...did not alter the POW flag lightly, or because we were high. We take it very seriously.”

Sadly, the VFW rep who made that statement did not help his case by foregoing his real name in favor of the moniker "Hemp Solo".

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