Thursday, February 16, 2012

Reason #134: Oh Hey, it's the First Lady

Feeling pretty sick at the moment, so we'll just do a quick grab bag for the day:

- Michelle Obama popped in on a bunch of tourists at the White House today, including some guy in a Ron Paul shirt.

- The whole payroll-tax thing is just about done. I've been a little ambivalent toward it lately, but it was nice to see the Republicans actually give in on something.

- The underpants bomber was at last sentenced today, and will now be imprisoned without the possibility of parole until roughly three months before the Earth crashes into the sun.

(Side Note: for the next three weeks, I am conducting a survey of visitors to this blog. Whether you're a regular reader or this is your first time, I'd love to hear from you - just follow this link. This notice will accompany every post this month, with Saturday, March 3rd being the final day to participate. Thanks for reading!)

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