Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Reason #133: Reckless Lunacy

The title of this post comes from a statement by Republican congressman Trent Franks, in response to rumors that there are "internal discussions" going on among the Joint Chiefs of Staff with regard to how many active nuclear warheads the United States needs to have going forward.

Some are reporting that, in advance of upcoming talks with Russia, a reduction of our nuclear arsenal of up to eighty percent is possible - though the Joint Chiefs are of course taking care to remind us that the only thing happening right now is discussions, and that the product of those discussions could just as easily be no reduction whatsoever.

Nevertheless, to even raise the subject of maybe not being able to destroy the world between five and fifty times is clearly too much for Rep. Franks to bear.

For the sake of perspective, I will point out that this has actually been a great decade for nuclear disarmament - at least compared to the utterly batshit stockpiles that were floating around in the 20th century. Here's to keeping it up.

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