Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Reason #147: Super What?

One thing I have to admit Obama's been doing really well lately is counter-programming.

On the same day as Super Tuesday, the biggest chunk of Republican primaries so far this year (indeed, the biggest one-day grouping altogether), the president this morning held his first full press conference since last year.

He used this "presser", a term I had never heard before this morning, to point out that 3.7 million jobs have been created over the last two years (with February likely the third straight month of positive job growth), to detail his mortgage relief plans (which honestly are hard for me to get my head around but apparently have something to do with veterans) and to subtly poke Mitt Romney a couple times, but I think the best thing he did, and maybe the biggest poke to Mitt Romney, was just him standing there and looking like he had his shit together.

The incumbent president always has the advantage of the "bully pulpit", as it were--to say nothing of the whole name-recognition thing--but with a haphazard Republican primary season like this one, and no one dropping out anytime soon, it's doubly good for Obama's chances for the American people just to see him working - whether they agree with that work or not.

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