Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Reason #152: Jew Pond

Oh, you just have the love the purity of the electoral process.

Up for a vote today in Mont Vernon, New Hampshire, population 2,409, is a proposal to rename a tiny manmade body of water in the town currently known as Jew Pond.

It's been known locally by that name since the 1920s, when a pair of Jewish businessmen, seen as outsiders, bought the property with the intention of bulking it up into "Lake Serene", which sadly never happened.

Ironically, the pond only existed in the first place because the original owners of the land wanted something to irrigate their golf course - a course on which Jews were decidedly not allowed.

With such rich cultural traditions as Jewless golf courses, I'm certain the good folk of Mont Vernon, who couldn't even see their way to spelling "Mount" correctly, will issue a strong condemnation of the offensive name now that they have the chance.

As for new names, maybe Rick Perry has some suggestions.

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