Monday, June 4, 2012

Reason #206: Coronation Chicken

Beginning over the weekend, Britain's Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating the 60th anniversary of her coronation--or, in Britishese, her "Diamond Jubilee".

The centerpiece of the Jubilee was a mammoth pageant down the Thames river on Sunday, which featured hundreds of boats, including one that dates all the way back to 1740, one that participated in the last Diamond Jubilee in 1897, and one that's basically a giant floating belfry complete with eight new church bells cast just for the occasion. The famous Tower Bridge, home of the Crown Jewels, was even raised to let the procession through, which I gather is a relatively big deal.

Meanwhile, today's main event is a comparably mammoth jubilee concert and five-course jubilee picnic for the royal family and twelve thousand of their closest friends--or cheapest friends, as the tickets were free--capped off with the traditional main course, known as, I shit you not, Coronation Chicken.

And looking at all of this, soaking up the opulent opulence of it all, all I can think is--no bridge to nowhere, no study conducted about studies, no Congressional pay increase, will ever be anywhere near as big of a waste of money as the goddamned royal family.

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