Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Reason #218: White People Problems

So I was watching Hardball last night, and while discussing Obama's new immigration policy, someone raised the observation du jour of his reelection strategy--that he seems to be targeting a potential coalition of interest groups one at a time. Before Hispanics it was gays with his announced support for gay marriage, and before that it was women with that charming contraception kerfuffle (which, I suppose, was conservatives' own fault for bringing it up). Chris Matthews responded with something so the effect of, "so what's he going to do for white men?"

To which I say, screw 'em!

As a straight, white Christian male (well, raised Christian), nothing could be more refreshing in this year's election that the possibility that I might not be catered to in any specific way. The entire system is built to support and enforce the dominance of white men already, so the notion that the president has to pay us any excess attention to earn our votes is ridiculous, and any white men who think that way deserve to feel disenfranchised.

As the country finally moves into a position where whites aren't the majority, I eagerly look forward to their emergence as a special interest group like all the others, rather than the default. Here's hoping it starts this year.

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