Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Reason #213: Release

A wealth of new evidence in the Trayvon Martin case will soon be made available to the public following a judge's order today. They're still withholding photos of Trayvon's body and the names of key witnesses--which probably makes sense--but a number of statements and e-mails from said witnesses will be released, as well as a great deal of information on George Zimmerman, such as the results of medical tests performed on him that day, his own statements to the police, and transcripts of his calls--to 9-1-1 and, later, from prison.

Last but not least, the results of Trayvon's autopsy will also be released. Naturally, the cause of death is the one thing not in dispute right now, but it will be very edifying to find out, say, how badly he seemed to have fared in the initial fight, and how extensively his hands were injured from hitting Zimmerman back. For the first time, we might soon have a real sense of how the fight went down.

Zimmerman and his wife, meanwhile, are both in jail after Judge Kenneth Lester, who authorized today's release, determined that they had lied to the court about their finances; in particular, how much money they had accumulated from sympathetic online donations. I don't know how big of a sentence you can get for perjury, but wouldn't it be interesting if George Zimmerman got off and his wife went to jail instead?

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