Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Reason #227: Sorry

Last November, an accidental clash between US forces and Pakistani border security resulted in the deaths of 24 Pakistani soldiers. After a month of investigation, the Pentagon concluded that the incident was the result of the US commander's mistaken impression that there were no government forces in that area of the border, which therefore meant that the forces firing at them from Pakistan were insurgents - at which point a helicopter strike was called in. The whole affair also resulted in Pakistan closing off certain military supply routes the US had been using to reinforce its operations in Afghanistan.

So that was last December. Now, on July 3rd, Secretary of State has officially apologized for the incident, thus concluding seven months of wasting $100 million a month on other supply routes. So for those of you keeping track of how the Pentagon spends out money--and those of you who think the US should never apologize for anything--we now know exactly what a single apology is worth to us: $700 million.

Pakistan also demanded something about stopping drone strikes on their territory, but we're just gonna go ahead and ignore that.

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