Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Reason #238: The Master Teacher Corps

Starting with fifty mentors and expanding over the following four years to include a roster of ten thousand teachers, President Obama's proposed Master Teacher Corps is a $1 billion initiative to bolster the ranks of STEM teachers in American schools, and address the widespread failures of our educational system to provide students with the math and science skills they need to become employable and productive members of society.

Master Teachers will be chosen based not just on their bona fides, but through a "competitive process", searching for proven records of STEM teaching and a history of positive results. Members of the Corps will then be responsible not only for their own continuing careers, but for training others at their schools. In return for this increased standard of service, they will receive up to a $20 thousand stipend on top of their current base salaries.

All this will be packaged, of course, in the president's next budget request, which will meet with categorical failure in the Republican Congress. So, hey, maybe next year.

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