Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Reason #243: Audits

Whenever people mention Ron Paul to me, the first thing I usually say in response is that I'm glad to have his worldview represented. There are all sorts of iffy details from a progressive standpoint, and even some from a conservative one, but American politics is not suffering from an excess of disagreements, but a dearth of consistency--and Paul is nothing if not consistent.

Now, as he rounds third base on his last term as a US congressman, proof of his message's endurance has appeared at last: in a 327-98 vote, the House approved today a measure calling for an audit of the Federal Reserve. Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, notably, spoke out against the measure and its potential to "politicize" the Fed, but enough Democrats voted for it anyway that it sailed through with more than three-quarters of the vote. Not only does it not have a chance of passing in the Senate, it's my understanding that it won't even be brought up for a vote, which is unfortunate.

Now, does the Fed need to be audited? I have no freaking idea. But it does imply a certain boost of transparency, doesn't it? I have a hard time thinking that's a bad thing.

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