Friday, October 14, 2011

Reason #45: Flying Garbage Cans

I've established already my very conflicted feelings about the Occupy Wall Street movement. In light of their increasing prominence, and a new clash with NYPD this morning, some random thoughts:

- The cover story in TIME this week is comparing them to the Tea Party - but, y'know, in a good way. While slightly horrifying in a sense, this is a much better comparison than Tahrir Square, which some of the protesters seem to prefer.

- The impetus of today's skirmish was the news that the owners of Zuccotti Park, where they've been camping out all this time, was not going to try and force everybody out in order to clean the park (which they had viewed as a plan to get rid of them completely). This resulted in a large celebration, which of course (?) resulted in a police crackdown, which resulted in protesters getting hurt by police scooters and police getting hurt by thrown bottles, and at least once, a garbage can.

- There is no acceptable reason for throwing shit at cops, unless they are preparing to literally open fire on you (and in that case bottles proabably wouldn't accomplish much). It just pisses them off more, and makes you look like dipshit anarchists who deserve to be arrested, which those particular people probably were.

- I'm not entirely sure what the "National Lawyer's Guild" is, but if you're going to run somebody over with your scooter, it probably shouldn't be one of them.

- Not wanting to get muscled out is understandable, but let's be honest, guys - that park probably smells like rotting hippie and you should let them clean it.

- While we're being honest - is it me, or does the guy in that photo look a little bit turned on?

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