Thursday, October 27, 2011

Reason #54: No, You Can't Have Your Leopards Back

Of the fifty-something animals Terry Thompson released on his property last week, there are six still alive - three leopards, an ape, and a bear. And now his widow is trying, unsuccessfully, to get them back.

I understand that the zoo, which has been taking care of them so far, doesn't necessarily have a legal right to them, but if the legal owner of a handgun shoots a bunch of people with it, does his family get the gun back afterward? Legally these animals are evidence now, so the obvious answer is to keep them in little plastic bags in a police station basement.

Side note: while there was a lot of talk last week about how lax Ohio's animal ownership regulations are, it turns out that there actually was a law on the books banning the sale of exotic animals, and Ohio's brilliant governor John Kasich let it expire earlier this year. Damn that big government getting between me and my grizzly bears.

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