Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Reason #107: Dixville Notch

Last night at midnight, nine people at the Balsam's Grand Resort Hotel in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire became the first people to cast votes in the 2012 presidential primaries (note: caucusing is lame and doesn't count).

New Hampshire law says that polling places are allowed to close early if all their district's registered voters have cast their ballots - usually that's nigh impossible to make happen, but since there are fewer people in Dixville Notch than on your typical basketball team (and, I'd wager, way fewer black people), they all decided a while back to just meet up at midnight and get it the fuck over with.

Technically, there are a few other villages that do this as well, but Dixville Notch gets all the attention because they've been doing it continuously (and correctly picking all the eventual Republican nominees) since 1960, longer than anyone else in the state (nation?). This all started when the guy who invented latex surgical gloves, and conveniently owns the aforementioned hotel wherein the voting takes place, retired there and spearheaded the idea - whether out of sheer laziness or as a means of generating publicity for his hotel is probably debatable.

Incidentally, their Republican-nominee-picking streak is technically over now, as last night's vote was a tie for the first time - Romney and Huntsman each got two votes.

Obama, as it happens, got three votes. Just sayin'.

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