Thursday, January 5, 2012

Reason #104: Slimming Down

In the further adventures of the big budget cut the Pentagon is currently dealing with (which I've dealt with once or twice already), Obama today announced his plan for a leaner, meaner American military, which is politician for "we can't afford nine hundred aircraft carriers anymore".

Refocusing our resources on the Middle East, and on smaller-scale conflicts generally, is obviously a good thing now that the Cold War has been over for, y'know, twenty-three years, and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said as much in the joint press conference alongside Obama, but he felt compelled to add that decreasing military spending at all will by definition come with "some level of additional but acceptable risk", which I suppose is true in a mathematical sense, but hardly needs to be said out loud with an election looming. Luckily, the Republicans won't touch defense with a ten-foot-pole right now.

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