Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Reason #72: Keeping the Pressure Up

Not two seconds after the supercommittee (Super Committee?) officially shit the bed yesterday, Republicans began making noise about backing out of the automatic cuts that were scheduled to go through if they failed to find a better deal - those being $600 billion in defense spending and $600 billion in domestic spending over ten years (I've said my piece on the whole "over ten years" thing already).

Amazingly, yet perhaps unsurprisingly, Obama quickly popped up to state that no, you don't get off that easy. Since none of the aforementioned cuts are supposed to go into effect for a year or so anyway, Obama made it clear that he will gleefully veto any legislative attempt to neuter the original cuts - which were, after all, already inscribed into law when the supercommittee was created in the first damn place.

(Side Note - almost forgot to give a shout out to Randall at Blogographer.org. He profiled WIEPT a couple weeks ago and it meant a lot to me. If you're looking for more interesting stuff to read here on Blogger and elsewhere, definitely give him a look.)

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