Thursday, November 17, 2011

Reason #69: Heh... "69"...

Even though the state of California successfully passed Proposition 8, its anti-gay-marriage ballot initiative, the governor and attorney general have refused to defend it against the legal challenges that have since come up. After being tied up in state courts for--I dunno, like 57 years now, the California Supreme Court has at long last ruled that the initiative's proponents have the legal right to defend it in place of the state government.

Technically, that's a loss for those trying to get rid of Prop 8...but then it gets interesting. Now that the initiative has legal defenders, the federal challenges brought by its opponents can move to federal appeals court. A federal appeals ruling could come "any day now", according to those in the know, but however that ruling goes, it will undoubtedly be itself appealed, which means that...eventually...the Supreme Court will get it.

And once the Supreme Court is forced to rule on gay marriage... well...we'll see, won't we?

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