Friday, November 11, 2011

Reason #65: Dear God What's That Light??

Because I haven't done space in a while, I thought today I'd point out NASA's handy web page devoted specifically to listing all the myriad ways in which the world will not, in fact, end next year.

It starts with the more infamous Mayan calendar stuff (and something about a Sumerian planet called Nibiru that I'd never heard of), then moves on to polar shift (wasn't that 2012's version? Never saw it), meteors, and most recently, rogue solar flares.

While none of the above will seriously jeopardize the return of Mad Men next year, it seems that the sun actually does have an 11-year solar flare cycle, and 2012 is in fact near the peak of this particular cycle, but all that means for us is some fussy electronics and signal interr--- *FZZZZZT*

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