Monday, November 28, 2011

Reason #76: Being the Bigger Man... Eventually

Emma Sullivan is probably a moron.

That was my immediate reaction to the news that the 18-year-old Topeka high school student told her governor, Sam Brownback, that he sucked. Like, totally in person and everything.

This happened at some kind of Youth in Government bullshit that Sullivan attended with the governor last week, and the only reason I know about it at all is because she followed up her comment, the exact wording of which is unclear to me, by bragging about it on Twitter alongside the hashtag #heblowsalot.

Unfortunately for her, Brownback's people saw the tweet (OMG!) and told on her, which led to an hour or so in the principle's office and an apology request from the school district.

While Brownback is a Republican and it's entirely possible that this girl has informed opinions on the man that I would actually agree with, if her actual comments were anything even close to "you suck", then she's certainly not doing anyone any good.

What I do appreciate is that cooler heads quickly prevailed and both the district and Brownback himself have decided that the whole mess was probably an overreaction - plus, y'know, that whole First Amendment thing.

For the record, Sullivan has declined to write an apology. That, I respect.

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