Monday, November 14, 2011

Reason #66: Take This Job and Occupy It

Because the police raid on Occupy Oakland worked just so darn well the last time, authorities tried it again today. This time, of course, they showed up at 4am, and at a time when many of the protestors were marching on another area nearby. Though it apparently took literally hundreds of police officers, they did succeed this time in taking out the big, scary tents and scattering the remaining occupiers - ultimately arresting 32 of them.

Again: hundreds of cops, 32 arrests.

Nevertheless, Oakland Mayor Jean Quan's top legal adviser, Dan Siegel, called the raid "tragically unnecessary" and resigned pretty much immediately. Siegel had voiced opposition to the infamously violent raid a few weeks ago, and had indeed been urged to resign to prove he meant it. Looks like he was convinced.

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