Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Reason #108: Sharia, or a Lack Thereof

In 2010, seventy percent of Oklahoma voters passed a referendum banning the use of Sharia law in its court system. One state judge later granted an injunction against the law, which may have had something to do with the law's supporters not being able to name a single instance of Sharia law having the slightest influence on any legal proceeding on record. That injunction was upheld today by the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, though the law itself is still on the table and its proponents will undoubtedly fight on.

Once they've won this one, here's hoping they move on to specifically banning all other forms of over-the-top evil. I for one am frequently tempted to hold the moon hostage with my death ray, and would appreciate more precise legistative language on the matter. Also, how does Oklahoma feel about me hanging spies over my shark tank from a rope that's slowly being burned by a magnifying glass aimed at a solar eclipse? I'm not directly killing them, after all, and I can hardly be held accountable for astronomical phenomena! I mean, what is this, Sweden?

I mean, it's hard enough to run a small business with a Democrat in the White House. No one seems to understand that I'm a job creator - do you think the average congressman knows how many people it takes to build and maintain a death ray? Not a chance. And I've gotta feed these sharks something - last thing I want is Animal Control up my ass.

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