Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Reason #173: I'm Glad We Got That Settled

I was talking to my mother about the pending Connecticut death penalty ban over the weekend, and she admitted to being baffled as to how Charles Manson could get life in prison--and actually receive the occasional parole hearing, as he did today--while many others could be given the death penalty for, in her view, lesser crimes than Manson's.

As much as I've picked the justice system apart on this blog, sometimes the most comforting thing it can do is the most obvious thing in the world. Like giving Charles Manson himself a fair review, then unhesitatingly flinging his ass back into jail.

Manson's next parole hearing isn't for fifteen years, which is another way of saying that--at 77 years old already--this was probably it for him. If ever there was an argument for executing someone, it's him, and I ask you - is this really that objectionable of an alternative?

Execution is just cutting a corner, and the second we cut corners for one person, it sets a precedent for cutting corners for anyone.

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