Thursday, April 19, 2012

Reason #179: Task Forces

I mentioned just yesterday that if George Zimmerman were to be acquitted in the death of Trayvon Martin because of the Stand Your Ground law, then that would be a fair way for the system to have worked - even if the law were later changed or repealed.

That yesterday's blog wasn't even related to Trayvon Martin should speak to just how big of a deal the case is right now, and how prominent it is in our thoughts.

In any event, a Task Force was announced today whose mandate is just that - to investigate what changes could, or should, be made to Stand Your Ground. If changes were then recommended, the goal would be to implement them in Florida's next legislative session (which apparently isn't until next year).

The panel consists of 17 assorted Floridians of note, including a former state Supreme Court judge, the author of the original law, and both defense and prosecution attorneys. it is also said to be "racially, regionally, and professionally diverse", though it notably lacks any members of the NRA.

Also notable is the fact that this article only seems to talk about changes to the law; outright repeal, apparently, isn't on the table.

This topic gave me a great idea for a poll, which I've never actually done on this blog before - what would be a preferable outcome, George Zimmerman being convicted, but Stand Your Ground staying on the books, or Zimmerman being acquitted, but the law going away? What's more important, justice for Trayvon specifically, or the potential for injustice inherent in the law? You can give me your answer on the right of the page.

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