Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Reason #182: Low Bars

In a rally at the University of North Carolina today, President Obama made of point of mentioning the fact that he and Michelle didn't finish paying off their student loans until eight years ago, at which point he was around 43, and had just been elected to the US Senate.

He also mentioned that in the first eight years of their marriage, they were spending more on student loans than they were on their mortgage, which is insane even compared to my own finances. Granted, they both had pretty illustrious educations, and they're certainly millionaires now, but compared to Mitt Romney and his car elevator, you have to admit that it's a fair contrast to make.

But how interesting is it that the bar has gotten so low for seeming economically relatable that the guy without a car elevator looks like a pauper in comparison to the other guy?

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